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kayla anderson health + wellness


Empowering women to love themselves enough & live the life of their dreams


3 Ways to love YOU

health and wellness coach

1:1 Coaching

Serious about results and needing the right support to get you there as effectively as possible?

One on one coaching could be for you! Enjoy the highest level of support and become highly motivated as we lead you towards your best life.

health ebook

Free ebooks

Short on time? Needing assistance with your training and nutrition in order to enhance results & feel great? Look no further, our pre-made packages are perfect for you!

Gain results fast and efficiently but purchasing our training & nutrition programs or enhance your cooking skills with our clean eating books.

womens empowerment workshops

30 Day self love Project

Loving yourself in a world that is constantly telling us we are not good enough can be a challenge. You are not alone on this journey and we are here to help.

Our Self Love Project is all about re-discovering who you are. It is about finding that happiness & glow within you.

We aren't here to live an average life, join our movement and be the best version of you possible today.


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Our Story


Kayla Anderson Health & Wellness was created out of pure love and passion for woman’s wellness. Our holistic programs are designed to promote total well-being including physical and mental health. Our mission is to create a future of empowered women, living their best and happiest lives through mind, body, and soul connection and a whole lot of self loving goodness